I Remember

My Father
I Remember
It was never easy being his son
But I wish I could go back to that moment
Would I have said anything differently
Just a child would I have had the words
I never cared for his troubles only mine
Didn’t even know they existed
Would anger be all that I had to share
Could there have been a longer hug
I don’t know I don’t get a second chance
Swimming in that pool that night
The feeling of pure joy surrounded me
Like the water that was enveloping my body
So was the love I felt in my soul
See he had changed his approach
Maybe it was God or maybe it was just growth
I watched him in that moment be a great father
He was only getting started
As I climbed out of the pool there she was
A woman I don’t even remember her face
She drove me to the hospital and no one knew
No one knew but me that this was it
He was gone and he wasn’t coming back
And I hated him for it so much I hated him
The preacher said God needed him in his company
That was very difficult for me to believe
I needed him then and I need him today
27 years later I recall that last moment
The music the dancing those glasses on his face
And he spoke those words his final words to me
I love you son and I will always love you
As if he knew that would be his last moment
I miss you father and I know why I was so angry
I forgive you I forgive you I am sorry
You are with me and I know this to be true
Now if I am blessed with a child I will remember
I will remember the last message you gave me
Love no need to remember more

3 thoughts on “I Remember

  1. “I’ll love you forever,
    I’ll like you for always,
    As long as I’m living, my baby you’ll be!”
    You words remind me of the book I read and one that I, to this day cannot read without it bringing a tear to my eye just like this poem did. Beautiful tribute and beautiful words!

    Liked by 1 person

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