Buddha And Meaning

I fail to see the meaning here

Buddha asked for no statues

No worship no praise

Other than those that learn the ways

The ways of spirituality

For saying no and receiving more

Under the Bodhi Tree he sat for many days

His fortune and title thrown out

Like an old useless pair of shoes

He searched for meaning through suffering

He found no meaning in suffering

He found it in the overcoming

The understanding of that suffering

500 years after his death

The first statue arrived

Over 2000 years later I find myself here

In the presence of thousands of Buddha statues

I find one with money in its hand

I doubt this is what he meant by meaning

More than Love

Love is more than holding the door

Love is removing all obstacles

Love is more than cooking dinner

Love is gracefully doing the dishes

Love is more than picking a flower

Love is tilling the soil with smiles

Love is more than writing a poem

Love is action and caring

Love is not simply saying you’re sorry

Love is never having to say the words


Take a trip to the tombs of Newgrange

Built by people from the Neolithic age

Over 5000 years ago

The sun shines in the doorways giving light

To all parts of the tomb with remains in sight

Built to withstand the punishing wind and rain

Stones brought from over 30 miles away

To provide homage to their ancestors and stay

Through the cold dark terrifying nights

The people huddled close family was life

When it was darkest they would build fire

Not only to keep warm but also to inspire

Fire for all people to see

Those scared could know community

They reached out to fellow humans

And cared about their ancestors

They also shared their knowledge

For future generations

Through meaning and lasting decisions

As we feel alone today may we remember

That they never were alone they were together

Dogs and Children

Strolling in a park in Michigan

With a dog and three children

Never has life been so simple

Like a living loving temple

I left a bit of my heart there

So that others might compare

Not in a competition or fight

But so they could see the light

There is nothing more special

Than seeing kids be helpful

Caring for a vulnerable animal

That love for them is rational

I think we should take a lesson

From the loving acts of children

They are the insight to our past

And truth that love will last

So take your dogs on a walk

Take them to a natural park

Bring your niece or nephew

Hold the moment hold the view

As we grow old and leave this place

Our life will come to the surface

Will you remember the bills you paid

And the fortunes you displayed

Or will the light beat the dark

As you remember that day in the park

Saying Sorry

I think about this word
How important and overused
It can be a flower or sword
In sound hands still abused

Nothing is ever really done
By saying to you I’m sorry
Only by a selfless action
Can I tell you a new story

We say sorry like vast clouds
With all our truth and pain
Some apologies spoken are void
And all of the uses bring rain

I think of my loving partner
The one I say sorry to most
I think not saying another
Would be better to boast

With confidence and compassion

We can guide our loving story

If hope leads our hard decisions

We can end saying we’re sorry